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Kelvinator Ayoni is really tough on excessive water contaminants. This model is designed to purify water with dissolved solids (TDS) content of 500 ppm to as high as 2000 ppm and hardness content of up to 500 ppm. The excessive TDS is effectively brought down to less than 10% of the feed water. Ideally suited for purification of ground water with high TDS content

5 Stage Water Purifier

Kelvinator Essenciaa RO Water Purifier for homes meticulously treats the water in multi elaborate stages to give you fresh, pure and safe good tasting water.

Reinforced Sediment cartridge
Premium graded and reinforced 5 micron sediment filter removes large suspended particles, turbidity and makes the water crystal clear. Protects the carbon filter from clogging.

Activated carbon cartridge
Silver impregnated activated carbon with high adsorption capacity reduces harmful chemicals including pesticides, volatile organic compounds residual chlorine etc. Impregnation of silver also effectively inhibits growth of water born microorganisms and imparts good taste and freshness to the water.

Fine sediment cartridge
Ultra fine cartridge removes micro sediment particles and carbon slips, thus protecting the membrane from undue clogging. Ultra fine cartridge gives clarity to the water through depth filtration.

World best RO Membrane
Thin film composite (TFC) Ro membrane made of energy saving polyamide removes excessive dissolved solids (TDS), harmful chemicals, pesticides, water borne microorganisms and heavy metals.

Post carbon cartridge
Restores the original taste and freshness of water.



Flow Rate 10-12 liters per hour
Permeate 20%
TDS Reduction 90% Minimum
Membrane Capacity 75 GPD
Storage Tank Capacity 9 liters
Net Weight 8.2 Kgs
Dimensions (Inches) 17.5 Height x 12.5 Width x 12.5 Depth
Power Rating 36 Watts
Input Voltage 170-300V AC / 50 Hz - Single Phase
Feed Water Pressure 0.6 (Min) - 2.0 (Max) Kg/
Feed Water Temperature 5 -45 C
Installation Mode Dual (Counter Top / Wall Mount)
Maximum Daily Usage 5 Hours
MoC for Plastic Parts Food Grade PP, PC / ABS
Total Dissolved Solids 500 - 2000 ppm
Model Permeate TDS Reduction
Ayoni 20% 90%
Ayoni 40% 70%

Special Features

No Overflow. No Dry Running.

Just Relax. Ayoni is a fully automatic unit. The automatic water level sensor activates the pressure booster pump the moment water in the storage goes below a point and the pump stops once the storage tank is full. The unit also avoids dry running of the booster pump by shutting off the process in the absence of feed water.

Compact Pressure Booster Pump

Robust construction and technology of the booster pump ensures that the membrane gets proper and consistent flow of water at required pressure with lower power consumption.

Advanced Reject Water Valve

Tamper-proof valve makes sure that you get a continuous and steady flow of rejected water which keeps the membrane surface clean. This reject water can be used for watering plant, mopping and washing.

Transparent and Large Detachable Storage Tank with a Bidirectional Tap

9-litre transparent storage tank ensures that there is always sufficient quantity of purified water in it and the water level is visible. One of the important highlights of Ayoni is that this storage tank can be easily detached without moving the unit. This makes periodical cleaning of the storage tank quite easy and interesting. Tap of the storage tank is bidirectional resulting in very easy control of water flow.

Auto Flush - Membrane Cleaner

Auto flush keeps flushing the membrane at optimal frequencies resulting in a much cleaner membrane surface, longer membrane life and better membrane performance.

SMPS - Based Integrated Power Management

Designed to operate at wider AC input range, IPM effectively protects the purifier from severe power fluctuations, short circuits and also withstands universal power conditions. Highly reliable, cost effective and light in weight.


  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • If the inlet water pressure is lower than the minimum specified, a booster pump is recommended. If the inlet water pressure is higher than the maximum specified, a pressure reducing valve is recommended. Both can be procured from the open market.
  • Feed water quality and TDS content are key factors determining the water quality and quantity.
  • Kelvinator AYONI+ is specially designed for water with a TDS range of 200 - 500 ppm. AYONI+ has a high permeate ratio of close to 40% and TDS reduction of 70%.
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