MRP: INR 19,000/-
Our Price: INR 17,000/-

Kent Grand+ has an elegant wall mountable design with transparent cover, best fit for Indian kitchens. It saves expensive counter space and provides convenience while drawing water. The transparent cover makes all the components in the purifier easily visible and displays the cutting-edge technology behind it. Also the storage tank has a unique water level indicator that shows the level of water in it.
Technical Specification
Product Kent Grand+ USP Transparent Cover with Water Level Indicator Installation Wall Mountable Technology RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller Purification Capacity 15**litres/hour Max. Duty Cycle 75 Liters/Day Storage Tank Capacity 8 litres (with water level indicator) Filter Cartridges Sediment Activated Carbon UF Post Carbon Auto-Flushing No Ro Membrane Filmtec 1812-75 GPD UV Lamp Power 11 Watt Min. Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg/cm2 Max. Inlet Water Pressure 3 kg/cm2 Input Voltage 100-300V AC (50Hz) Operating Voltage 24V DC Dimensions L410 W260 H520 (mm) Net Weight 9.40 kgs
Installation, Warranty & After-Sales Service

Installation shall be done free of cost at customer's premises

Product warranty shall be effective from the date of installation. Warranty coverage period for different parts shall be as under:

All Electricals and Mechanical parts - 1 Year

Consumables like RO Membrane & UF Membrane - 1 Year

Consumables like Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter & Post Carbon Filter - 6 Months

After-Sales service shall be provided at customer's premises on demand basis

**Purification capacity tested on raw water with TDS level of 750 ppm at room temperature

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